For reinforcing the wall of the Thermoblock we recommend using a Murfor 190 fixture.

  • Galvanized, thin fixture (L = 3.05m), which is easy to install and saves time, does not need to be grooved in the blocks for grouting.
  • Murfor reinforcement is installed by first covering the block with a thin layer of glue, immersed in Murfor reinforcement. Then, a thin layer of adhesive is applied, followed by the application of the next row of blocks. At the point where two pieces of reinforcement are connected, their ends should overlap each other with a pitch of 250 mm.
  • Murfor fixtures are embedded in the first, every fourth and final row of blocks, as well as under the window boxes and where the overlays are based.
Type Width __   __ Height Width of thermoblocks, mm
Murfor 190 190 8 x 1,5 1,5 300

Corner reinforcement with Murfor fixture

For reinforcing the corners of the thermoblocks we recommend the use of Murfor EFC-corner corners – bent 90 °, galvanized steel plate with dimensions 500 x 500 x 1.5 mm.
Their main task is to link the two adjacent wall frames and corner blocks of the adjacent wall Murfor.

All glues that are designed for gluing blocks are suitable for bonding thermoblock.

Recommended adhesives:

BLOCK GLUE for light concrete BLOCK Bonding

We recommend using the PLOKILIIM adhesive (or analogue) for bonding the Termoblocks.


GMS / thermoblock / aerated concrete and silicate block adhesive

Knauf Porenbetonkleber gray / white block adhesive

Thermoblocks in multi-storey buildings


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